SPecial Issue On: e-Government Efficiency and Return of Investment (IJPADA)

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SPECIAL ISSUE ON e-Government Efficiency and Return-of-Investment

International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age (IJPADA)


Guest Editor: Leonidas G. Anthopoulos

Technological Education Institute of Thessaly, Greece



e-Government evolution has been based on ambitious strategies and on extensive funding on complex programmes in order to achieve in contextual objectives: simplified access to public services; openness; accountability; transparency; citizen engagement. In U.S.A. only, Federal Government has invested an annual amount of $70 billion on ICT during the last decade. However, the outcomes from these investments are questioned. For instance, in Europe the objective of the 20 common public services that has been identified in 1999 under the e-Europe strategies, has not yet been achieved by all member States. On the other hand, citizen expectations have not been met and e-Government adoption is low at an average international level. Various investigations (i.e., by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)) show a steady but low improvement regarding citizen expectations, which cannot be easily justified by the invested capitals.

Enterprises evaluate the efficiency of an investment with various methods, such as Net Present Value, Return of Investment etc. Although Governments do not invest with similar perspectives to the private sector, scholars argue about the earned value from e-Government investments, while it is important to evaluate Government efficiency and e-Government outcomes’ achievement compared to the invested capitals.



This issue aims to collect and present recent findings with regard to e-Government progress and to explain whether a return-of-investment (ROI) method or other similar methods are appropriate to be applied on e-Government spending evaluation. More specifically, it aims to answer the following questions:

- How much Governments are being or have been invested on e-Government in different countries or regions?

- How differently international organizations (i.e., United Nations, OECD, World Bank, European Commission etc.) measure e-Government efficiency?

- How can e-Government success be measured with regard to public spending?

- What measures/indexes are appropriate to measure Government efficiency’s change with regard to e-Government?

- Has e-Government spending resulted in a better Government?

These questions become more important to be answered due to the recent fiscal recession, which influences political decisions regarding public investments.



Topics to be discussed in this special issue include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Accountability, openness, transparency and public service progress with regard to e-Government investments.
  • Measuring e-Government efficiency, success and adoption
  • Case Studies regarding e-Government investments
  • E-Government program management
  • Government investment evaluation methods
  • e-Government earned value measurement methods



Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit papers for this special theme issue on e-Government Efficiency and Return-of-Investment on or before October 31, 2013. All submissions must be original and may not be under review by another publication. INTERESTED AUTHORS SHOULD CONSULT THE JOURNAL’S GUIDELINES FOR MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSIONS at http://www.igi-global.com/Files/AuthorEditor/guidelinessubmission.pdf.  All submitted papers will be reviewed on a double-blind, peer review basis. Papers must follow APA style for reference citations.



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